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Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC tuyển dụng vị trí Mechanical Engineer/ Kỹ sư cơ khí

Thứ hai - 09/05/2016 09:23

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    Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC tuyển dụng vị trí Mechanical Engineer/ Kỹ sư cơ khí

    Job Order Sheet
    From:Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC
    Address: Land Plot CN3.6-CN4.1, Dinh Vu Industrial Zone,
    Dong Hai 2 Ward,Hai An Dist., Hai Phong
    Tel: (031) 3261324 Fax:(031)3261224

    We would like to ask you the introduction of candidates regarding
    the position we described as below,



    Mechanical Engineer/ Kỹsưcơkhí



    Staff Level

    採用予定人数Number of person needed




    Job Description


    1. Project management at individual
    2. Installation of tire production machine or other Utility equipment
    3. Making maintenance schedule control
    4. Machine /part purchasing / arrangement and Budget control
    5. Contractors control
    6. Leading Mechanical design and KAIZEN activity (Machine improvement)
    7. Other job assigned by Department manager.





    Age : 28~35
    Gender : Male

    - Mechanics of Machinery with at least 3 years’ experience.
    Experience in Mechanical driver or precision machinery is more prefered.
    - Have some project management skill as leader
    - Planning and progress control
    - Labor (contractors) control
    - Cost control
    - Leading KAIZEN activity
    - Have knowledge for basic production machinery:
    design of fabrication or new installation...
    - Fluent in English
    - OA operation (Excel, Word, CAD)


    Desired Characteristics

    - Strong
    - Active
    - Responsibility
    - Hard-working
    - Teamwork
    - Orientation



    Education Background

    University : Bachelor's degree in Mechanics of Machinery



    Business English



    ・Working hours :  08:00 – 17:00

    ・Transportation : Company arrange bus from 7 pick-up points

              InHai Phong city.

                          (Toa An, Kien An, An Duong, Thuy Nguyen etc...)

    ・The Holiday – The holidays shall be as follows

            Weekly holidays: Every Sunday and 2 Saturdays
     (2nd & 4th) in a month.

            Weekly holidays of the employees working in shift time
     isbased on BTMV’s calendar.

    ・Meal   :  Company offer lunch in canteen.

    ・The Bonus – Bonus appraisal is conducted twice a year;
    in Julyfor mid-year  and in Jan for year-
    end bonus.

    ・Salary Review – All Employees will have periodical salary
    review as regulated by  the Company 
    on Mar. 31 each year.

    If you have any question, please contact us.

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